"It is my opinion that the classical sonnet should be seen as a separate branch of literature. It was meant to have but one function — to be an announcement, a declamation, a strong personal statement on a specific subject, and it was more directly emotional than most standard poetry. Nor was it just the vehicle for poets but of many others, including famous artists and writers (and non-artists just trying to impress their girlfriends).

"Because of its brevity, the sonnet has little space for vagueness and complexity and is usually much to the point. It is never more than fourteen lines long, is always in the metre of iambic pentameter and in one of about four rhyming systems. It is a vehicle aimed at strong, often emotional statements made with an economy and discipline that give it a unique voice and power in literature, and sometimes extraordinary beauty."

-Robert D. Morrison

Robert was a passionate proponent of the art of the sonnet.

Check back soon for a number of pieces he’s written over the years.